Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations and Workshops

The Nagoya Chapter of JALT is always looking for the latest classroom ideas, theory, and knowledge. We welcome a range of presenters to give presentations, host workshops, and more. We encourage both influential speakers and local teachers to share their knowledge with our members.


Submit your details at this form:

All submissions are considered and discussed. Depending on the type of submissions we have received, we will organise a schedule, and offer you some possible dates. Thereafter, you can tell us what your most convenient dates are and we shall get back to you with a final schedule. Because of various factors, we unfortunately cannot accept all submissions, but we will favour our Chapter members and reputable speakers.

Helpful resources

Please prepare well, and rehearse your presentation. For presentations and workshops that are based on a PowerPoint, please bring your own laptop and any necessary adaptors for HDMI and VGA connections to the data projector (especially Apple and tablet users).

How to write an academic abstract:

How to write an academic bio:

How to prepare a successful presentation:

We don’t need another whiteboard race. We don’t need any more time stretchers. We don’t need any advertisers. AND, we don’t need anyone to read their presentation slides to us. Instead, please be human with us.

How to prepare a workshop: